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Koh Phangan's beaches offer a different experience, from the tranquility of Thong Nai Pan to the all-action Had Rin.

Phangan is a great and safe place for realxing, soaking up a few rays and taking a refreshing dip in the sea.


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Had Rin
One of Phangan's most popular beaches where the famous Full Moon Party takes place every month.
It actually consists of two beaches, one on each side of Cape Rin, which sticks out like a thumb from southeast corner of the island.

The east side has the best beach which is good for swimming and you can also snorkel along the coral reefs at both ends of the beach. The west side has a wider selection of bungalows and it doesn't really matter which side of the cape you stay on since it's only a short walk from one side to the other.

Ban Tai and Ban Kai
Two small villages located halfway between Thongsala and Had Rin. The beaches here are clean and tidy with over two dozen bungalows to choose.

Had Tien
10 minutes by boat on the east of Had Rin. The beach is remote with only 2 bungalow resorts: Haad Tien Resort and Sanctuary.

Thong Nai Pan Bay
18 km of beautiful unspoiled beaches tucked away amongst beautiful capes and coves. A dirt trail runs all the way from Ban Tai Village up the coast to Thong Nai Pan Bay.
It consists of two bays: Thong Nai Pan Yai and Thong Nai Pan Noi.

Bottle Beach
One of the most popular hideaways on the island, tucked along a secluded cove on the nothern shore. It can be reached by hiking 3 km along an inland trail or by taking a boat from Chaloklum Bay to the west.

Chaloklum Bay
A large, attractive bay with several nice beaches. On the East End, enveloped in its own cove, is Khom Beach.
Further west along the main beach areseveral more faciities. At the fishing village of Ban Chalokum you can shop for basic provisions and catch taxis back to Thongsala.

Mae Had
Good snorkelling place along the coastel coral reefs and around the off shore islet of Koh Ma. There are several bungalows and a small village, Ban Mae Had, located 3 km from Ban Chaloklum.

Chao Pao Bay
Usually lumped together with neighboring Srithanu Bay. There are extensive coral reefs offshore for snorkelling and an inland lake behind the cape called Lam Son for swimming and relaxing.

Wok Tum Bay
A big bay with an open beach and some fairly good spots for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Nai Wok Bay
Just a short walk from Thongsala in case you wish to stay near town. There are plenty of bungalows both on the beach and up the hillside to choose from

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